Carnival Week!

We had a brilliant time in Year 2 yesterday celebrating our Caribbean carnival in school. In the morning we took part in four different sessions. We made our own Caribbean flags to take to the carnival, learnt an energetic dance to soca music (thanks to Theo’s mum!), sampled some different fruits and baked some plantain, and learnt some pieces of music from the Caribbean. In the afternoon we performed what we had learnt and got the chance to sample lots of delicious food at our buffet! Thank you so much to all the parents who contributed food or came along to join in with us. We had a wonderful day.

In Writing we have started to write about this fantastic experience by using a grid to plan our writing and starting to use technology to present our work. Next week at Parents’ Evening those grown-ups who weren’t able to make it yesterday will be able to find out all about our day by having a look at our writing!

In Maths we have continued with our unit on time. We are now getting pretty confident with using the minute hand and the hour hand to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes but this is always something we can practise at home. Remember when the minute hand has passed the 6 (half past) then we start to say ‘minutes to’ instead of ‘minutes past’. This is a great game to keep up our skills at home:

This week has been a bit different to our ordinary weeks at school as we have completed some special Year 2 quizzes to practise for later in the year. Miss McIntyre was really impressed at how we have been able to demonstrate our learning. Our fantastic progress will be shared next week at Parents’ Evening!


This week’s spellings are here:

Maths homework is on MyMaths again. Only 16 of you have completed the task this week so make sure you are finishing all the pages and submitting your work at the end. Please let Miss McIntyre know if you are having any trouble accessing the homework or if you would like any extra tasks.

Have a lovely, restful weekend! Miss McIntyre and Sycamore class xx

Sneak Peek…

Hope you’re looking forward to our Carnival! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow – remember to bring along your bright clothes! Miss M xx

Last Week and Caribbean Carnival Reminder

Our Caribbean carnival is on Thursday this week! We are still really desperate for parent helpers – we just need one extra pair of hands for the kitchen although it would be great to have two! Please let Miss McIntyre know ASAP if you can come along to help out in the morning. You don’t need to be an expert chef!

We would also really appreciate any Caribbean dishes brought in for Thursday, home made or otherwise. Anything is welcome as long as it does not contain nuts and all ingredients are clearly labelled on the outside of the container. Thank you so much for your support.

Remember to wear colourful clothes. Any clothes are fine – it doesn’t need to be themed as we will have our beautiful head dresses!


In Writing last week we wrote and published some amazing stories based on The Nutmeg Princess. We created our own characters and settings and we were so imaginative and creative! You’ll be able to check out our work at Parents Evening next week!

In Maths, we have continued our work on time. We need to make sure we always remember the difference between the minute hand and the hour hand! Ask us which is which!

In Topic, we have continued our learning comparing the UK with the Caribbean. We have practised using atlases and continued using the star words land, sea, continent, countries, hemisphere, Equator and island. Ask us how we would define these! We have also learnt how the UK has four different countries within it (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales). The UK is similar to the Caribbean because the Caribbean is also made up of lots of different islands.

We also learnt how to describe our eye colour, skin colour and hair colour in French last week. We used the verb J’ai to say ‘I have’ and learnt that the adjective comes after the noun! For example: J’ai les yeux verts means ‘I have green eyes’.


Spellings are here:

We are practising making sure that we have double consonants when we add -ing, -er, -ed, -est and -y to words, for example drop becomes dropping. The only exception is words ending in x – for example mix stays mixing with only one consonant!

Maths homework is on MyMaths again. Let Miss McIntyre know if you would like any extra tasks to prepare for the units we will start after half term!

Have a lovely week. Miss McIntyre and Sycamore class xx

Week 3!

This week in Sycamore class we have been getting really stuck in to our imaginative writing again. We are inventing our own stories based on the Nutmeg Princess. As a class, we have invented the story ‘The Hidden King’ and independently we have described our own characters and settings and planned our story using story mountains. Next week, we will be applying all of our work on amazing, adventurous adjectives when we write our stories.

Have a look at how we create word banks at school. We can use dictionaries to check our spellings and thesauruses to find synonyms. Miss McIntyre was especially impressed with how we were using similes and the –er and –est words we remembered from last term.

In Maths, we have just started our next unit on time. We explored the fact that there are 24 hours in one day and began to describe times of day using the vocabulary morning, afternoon, evening and night. Next week, we will begin to move into telling the time on analogue clocks using the vocabulary o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Eventually we hope we will be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes so let’s get practising counting by 5s!

As part of our Caribbean topic we have practised using different maps and atlases to locate the Caribbean compared to the UK. We learnt that the Caribbean is made up of lots of different island countries and it is part of the continent of North America. Interestingly, both the Caribbean and the UK are in the Northern Hemisphere although the Caribbean is much closer to the Equator.


In Guided Reading this week we have read Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets. We noticed that the X in Dr Xargle makes a ‘z’ sound – just like in xylophone.

We have continued to read The Witches as our class story. The Grand High Witch is the scariest so far!

Remember there are still Bug Club books online for you to read. Let Miss McIntyre know if you run out of books. As children are not taking Accelerated Reader books home from school they are able to change their book corner book at any time and of course borrow books from the library. Hope to see lots of parents at Parent Reading Morning on Tuesday!


Maths homework is on MyMaths this week. Spellings are here:

Well done to all our superstar spellers again!!

Caribbean Carnival

Please let us know if you can help out on 6th February!

Have a lovely weekend!! Miss McIntyre and Sycamore class xx

Second Week Update

We had another lovely week in Year 2 last week. We have continued to explore our story ‘The Nutmeg Princess’, based on the Isle of Spice in the Caribbean. We have begun to invent our own settings and characters which will help us to write our own stories over the next couple of weeks. We have really focused on using adventurous adjectives (‘what like?’ words) to describe objects and people – for example, elusive, shimmering and dangerous.

In Maths, we have continued to practise our multiplication and division skills. Our homework on MyMaths will help us to carry on consolidating these skills. We have been focusing on skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s so please help us at home with this – forwards AND backwards!

In Science we are continuing to be Apprentice Gardeners and this week we are thinking about the conditions seeds need to germinate. We began to think about how we could plan a fair test. Here is the vocabulary we used so you can discuss this at home!

In Geography we thought about the differences in climate between the UK and the Caribbean. We discovered that the Caribbean has a warmer climate than the UK because the Caribbean is closer to the Equator. This means that the sun’s heat and light hits the Caribbean more directly. We were weather reporters and presented our findings on the weather in the Cayman Islands.

We also discovered that there are many different languages spoken in the Caribbean – for example, in Haiti many people speak French. We practised introducing ourselves and saying where we are from in French.


Last week we enjoyed reading The Book With No Pictures. Poor Miss McIntyre had to sing and make lots of really silly noises and we all laughed a lot. We have really enjoyed independently reading our Accelerated Reader books and have become a lot more confident with our comprehension already. This week, we will also read Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets with Miss McIntyre in Guided Reading.

As our class story we have started to read Roald Dahl’s The Witches! How can you recognise a witch?

Maths Challenge

Have a look at this challenge and discuss it at home if you have a spare few moments this week.

Science Challenge

Who is right? How do you know?


Maths homework is on MyMaths as usual. Spellings homework is here:

Well done to all our superstar spellers this week! The test will be on Friday as usual.

Caribbean Carnival

Just a reminder that our Caribbean carnival will take place on the 6th February. Thank you to the parents who have already let Miss McIntyre and Miss Malanaphy know that you can help out on the day. We would really appreciate helpers for cooking and anybody who would like to share any stories or workshops.

We would also really appreciate any children bringing in anything from home which reflects Caribbean culture and heritage to show the rest of the class! This will really help us to bring our topic learning to life.

Have a lovely week! Miss McIntyre and Sycamore class xx

First week back!

Welcome back to all of Sycamore class. We have come back after the break really refreshed and ready to learn!


In English, we have started to read the book ‘The Nutmeg Princess’. It is a fable set in the Caribbean about two friends, Aglo and Petal. Ask us to retell the story at home! We learnt how to use a dictionary and thesaurus to look up interesting new vocabulary and check our spellings.

In Maths, we have started our unit on multiplication and division. We have used concrete objects (counters) and pictures (arrays) to represent multiplication and division problems. Have a look at how we show our understanding!

We are starting our next Science unit on plants next week. If you have anything interesting to do with plants you would like to bring in, please do!


We have started to use Accelerated Reader in class this week. We have all chosen our first book to read at school. To test our understanding, we will be completing quizzes on the books that we read in our lessons.

We will not be taking Bug Club books home this term – instead we will be choosing books we would like to read from the book corner and the library. Please do take the time to read these books to or with us over the weekend!

In class this week we have read two folk tales from Haiti, The Singing Turtle and The Girl With the Star on her Head. We talked about how these stories remind us of other stories we have heard or read.


Spellings homework is here:

Maths homework is on MyMaths. We’re starting to practise multiplying by 2. Please complete this by Wednesday!

PE will be on Monday this term so please remember to bring your PE kits in. This needs to be plimsolls, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Caribbean Carnival

You should have received our topic web by email. If you are able to offer any support for our Caribbean Carnival please do let Miss McIntyre know! We would love helpers for the kitchen, to give an interesting talk about an area of the Caribbean your family is from and general helpers.

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see lots of you at Parent Reading Morning on Tuesday!

Miss McIntyre and Sycamore class xx

End of Term!

Well done to each and every single one of you for your performances in the Nativity today! Miss McIntyre was absolutely blown away by what you have all achieved and now feels very, very, very, VERY proud. Check out some photos at the end of this post.

We also enjoyed our festive lunch at school today which was a fantastic treat. We wore head dresses which we made at school this week to add to the celebrations. This afternoon, we had our class party and again Miss McIntyre felt like the proudest and luckiest teacher in the world because we were incredibly polite, team-spirited, sensible and thoughtful throughout all our games and activities. Well done to the winners of our four trophies: Musical Chairs, Musical Statues, Most Polite and Best Teamwork!

Spellings – We didn’t have to learn spellings this week, but we will have a spelling test after the holidays on Friday 10th January. All of the children have done such a super job learning their spellings this term and will have plenty of time to learn these ones without a rush!

There will be no Maths homework but if you feel like a bit of brain exercise then check out your tasks on MyMaths – or you could just spend your holidays using your Year 2 Maths skills to help at home, for example by measuring ingredients for a recipe!

Bug Club books will be collected in on Friday as we are starting Accelerated Reader after the holidays. More information to follow in January.

All of the children in Sycamore class have been such fantastic role models this term and have worked extremely hard. It is a real treat for Miss McIntyre to come to school every day even in the winter cold, dark and rain, so thank you to all children and parents! Here’s to a fantastic last two days of school. xxx

Weekly Round Up

Hooray for the first week of December! We were really lucky this Thursday afternoon that we got to watch the secondary students perform the ‘Winter Medley’ of their dance show in the Drama Hall. It was amazing! We really enjoyed watching and singing along. We also had our Winter Fair on Friday – hopefully those of you who came along had a fantastic time! Miss McIntyre loved visiting Santa in his grotto with Miss Malanaphy…

This week in writing we’ve been learning about how to write persuasive adverts. We’re trying to persuade all of you to attend our… (you guessed it) Nativity! Keep your eyes peeled for an advert coming to you next week!

In Maths, we’ve been thinking about how to collect, sort and interpret data. We’ve represented data in pictograms, block diagrams and tables. It’s important to count pieces of data very carefully! Our Maths homework this week will be all about organising data.

This is a pictogram!
This is a block diagram! How many more people travelled by car than by bus?

In Geography, we learnt about the compass points North, South, East and West when thinking about the wise men’s journey to Bethlehem. We had a go at using a compass. Continuing with the festive theme, we made pop up Christmas cards with Mrs Springer on Wednesday which was brilliant fun!


This week we’ve finished reading ‘The Minpins’ by Roald Dahl. The ending was a good one! A poem we enjoyed by Roald Dahl was called ‘Where art thou, Mother Christmas?’ and was about all the jobs Mother Christmas does which Father Christmas takes the credit for!!

We also read a tale from the island of St Vincent called ‘The Singing Pepper Bush’ which had a very wicked witch in it. Miss McIntyre is thinking about what we should read next week so watch this space…


Please bring your costumes in for the Nativity by Monday (9th December). Please make sure they are in a named bag! If there are any problems please email Miss McIntyre as soon as possible ‘’

We’re doing a dress rehearsal on Monday so use this weekend to make sure you are word perfect with your lines and to practise the words for ‘As Wise as Can Possibly Be’. It is especially important if you are singing a solo to learn the words to your song. Thank you so much to everyone at home with your continued support with ensuring our production is a success!


The most important homework this week is to make sure you are word perfect for the Nativity.

Maths – Maths homework is on MyMaths this week Remember your logins are in the front of your homework books. If you don’t have your homework book email Miss McIntyre ‘’ and she will send you your login.

Spellings Well done to all our superstar spellers this week! It is so impressive how hard you are still practising while also learning your lines for the Nativity!

Everyone in Sycamore class has been working so hard over the past few weeks, really showing they are independent and determined to succeed. You should all be so proud of yourselves! Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday with your costumes! xxx

Weekly Round Up!

This week we were really excited to visit the National Portrait Gallery. On Tuesday, we took the bus up to Trafalgar Square and learned from an expert about portraits of Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Queen Victoria. We got a chance to sketch the portraits and to visit other areas of the gallery to think about the artwork. Although the weather was not on our side, we ate lunch in the historic Trafalgar Square where we were accosted by pigeons! We had a brilliant day and set a really good example for Dunraven with our excellent behaviour. Thank you so much to all the helpers who came along with us. Miss McIntyre was absolutely exhausted on Tuesday evening!

At school, we are now writing a recount of our fantastic day, making sure we are using time words such as first, next, then and after that and including our opinions using exclamation sentences, for example ‘What a tiring walk that was!’ or ‘What a lovely gallery it is!’.

We have continued to read Tales from the Caribbean and have really enjoyed the magical elements. We have also begun reading Roald Dahl’s ‘The Minpins’ which is magical too! It is very different to other Roald Dahl books we have read and can be a bit frightening (but we aren’t really scared by much!). In Guided Reading, we really enjoyed a poem about seaside holiday memories called ‘Shells and Stones’. Miss McIntyre showed us photos of where she used to live in Hastings (on the Sussex coast), talking about words like rock pools, clifftops and tide.

In Maths, we have continued our unit on length. We have found it tricky to compare two lengths by saying how much shorter one object is than another, for example:

The pencil is 2cm shorter than the glue stick.

It would be great if we could practise this a bit more by measuring objects at home and comparing their lengths!

We’ve been practising our songs and dances for our Nativity performance and it is coming along beautifully. Please carry on practising using your big confident voices to say your lines at home! Thank you to all the parents who have offered help with props and costumes – do email ‘’ if you have any queries around your child’s costume.

Homework – this week it will be SO, SO important to learn our lines for the Nativity. We need to be word perfect as we are going to stop relying on the script next week! Please practise in any spare moment you have.

Spellings are here

And Maths is here

On Wednesday we won the Attendance Bear! Keep up the good work getting into school every day even as the weather gets a little bit colder! See you all on Monday, have a brilliant weekend xx

Nativity Costumes and Visit Information

Extra post this week! Lucky us!

Visit Information

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting the National Portrait Gallery. This means there will be no Parent Reading Morning but if you are coming along with us and have confirmed this with Miss McIntyre please do come up to the classroom straight away in the morning. We will be leaving quite early at around 9:15am so please make sure you are all prompt to school tomorrow morning! Once we reach Trafalgar Square (at around 10:30) we will be going straight into the museum for an activity before our lunch break which will be either on the steps or in Charing Cross Station. Please make sure you bring a waterproof coat with you! We will all be taking snacks and water bottles for each child along with us so please don’t worry about bringing anything extra.

Nativity Costumes

All the information about costumes can be found by following this link. If you have any other questions please do email ‘’.

Thank you to everyone for all your support!